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Kristin King
Born in Texas
21 years
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Family Tree
I remember how beautiful you are and how it felt to hug you, and your wonderful dimples and smile.
I remember the year I bought you Tinker Bell PJs for Valentine's Day! Seems like just yesterday! So many memories...
Katie Fory
I remember going to camp every year and being disappointed because we couldn't hang out any more until the next summer...Then I got a phone call saying---We're moving to Minden!!! I was soooo happy!!! And we hung 24-7....Oh the good times :) Quiet an old pic but i think it was our freshman or sophmore year at MHS Small Vocal Ensemble...
cheyann horton
kebll i miss you.i remember when we painted my room pink..that was one of our best times ever...i wish you were here so we could talk..i just want to tell you that i love you and have lots of memories of you and i will never forget are my best friend and that will never will always have a spot in my heart.. well i love you and i cant wait to see you..and ur little girl, everytime anyone looks and her they will see you..she is so cute..and hagon...he is a great kid and remindes me a lot of will never be forgotten..i miss you and love you lots
Grandma Sue
I remember all of the times I held Kristin Bell!
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