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Kristin King
Born in Texas
21 years
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I remember Hagen's 3rd birthday party at your house. The night before, I sat in the light blue chair in your living room and you came and sat in my lap. I knew you were having some struggles being the young mother of two and I asked you what Momma could do to fix everything. You told me you didn't need any help so I just sat and rocked you. Lord, I wish I could hold and rock you again! Little did I know that 15 days later, your sweet life would end. I love you Kristin! You made me a Momma and I am so glad. 
I remember our last 4th of July together. I bought everyone matching shirts, even the babies. You had a few fireworks left from the night before and Kayla and I went and bought more. We had quite a show in your backyard. I remember how much Hagen enjoyed it and wanted more. You were holding Kaylee if I remember correctly. I even remember when you were so little and Granny would buy you and your sisters 'SPARKLERS' and we would have a grand time in the yard in Maydelle with those. You were always amazed at how pretty the 'SPARKLERS' were and no matter how many Granny bought, you wanted more. Then as you and your sisters got a little bigger, so did the 'SPARKLERS'! We had quite the show sometimes with fountains, roman candles, black cats, spinners,....oh yeah....AND SMOKE BOMBS! All different colors of them! I remember like it was just yesterday!
I remember how your sweet smile could light up a room, you always could get anything you wanted. Your baby daughter, Kaylee Lynn, has that same smile. I also remember your special attitude. Your baby son, Hagen Don, has that same special attitude. I remember when I brought Kasey Jo and Kayla Mae home when they were born, you were the little momma and so proud.

Today is Mother's Day and I remember the day you were born and how happy I was to be a mom and especially YOUR Momma. I will always be proud that you were mine, if only for a short time. I love you and miss you!

I remember each and every Easter we had together, every egg colored and every color I wore on my clothes. I miss you and love you! I will never forget!
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