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Kristin King
Born in Texas
21 years
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Two years ago a beautiful baby girl entered the world and made me a MiMi for the second time. I was as proud then as I was when I became a MiMi the first time when Hagen Don was born. I remember leaving work on 11-13-08 and going home to load my stuff, I planned on staying for about two weeks. I made the drive to your apartment and everyone was asleep. You were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6am 11-14-08 for a C-section at 7am and a baby by 730am. It was so funny....we were all so excited about getting the baby here but we all overslept. Granny Sue woke up and sent us on our way. Thank Heaven! Kayla Mae helped get Kaylee into the world and I am so glad...seems it is just the way it was supposed to be. I know you never got to give Kaylee a birthday party and that makes me sad. She and Hagen remind me so much of all three of you girls. Kaylee's party will be this Saturday at Poppo Tony and Mamaw Jody's house, 7pm. I guess the theme is Tinkerbell...go figure! Your Dad said she picked out a Tinkerbell 4-wheeler for her gift. Hagen said he bought her a pair of Tinkerbell sunglasses. I guess Kaylee got the liking for Tinkerbell honest...It seems like just yesterday Kaylee was born but then I look at the last 13 months and it just seems like forever since I saw you and was able to hug you. I am doing the best I can, I promise. With God's help and some time I'll figure things out....


Well, it is the opening weekend of deer season and also Ma Bowman's birthday today. I remember years ago when we would all go to Ma's for your dad to hunt and also have a little birthday party for Ma. Those are memories I will never forget. I think as you got a little older, you enjoyed the hunting thing more than when you were little. When you were smaller, you just liked going to Ma's and playing with all of the kids....I know your dad has been taking Hagen and Kaylee out to Ma's so they will know what it's like to be 'in the woods'. I think he even takes Hagen hunting too. I do think Kaylee will be a little too 'girly' for the hunting things but she sure likes being anywhere with your dad and her big brother!

I remember this day, one year ago, it changed my life forever!
I remember this day, 4 years ago, when Hagen Don Harris made his entrance into this world. This day made Kristin Bell a Mommie and me a MiMi. Both Mommie and baby were very sick at first but after 12 days, both were doing fine and I was able to return to Ada, OK with Mae-Mae so she could get back to school. I can't believe everything that has happened since that day....but one thing unchanged - I love my children and grandchildren!
I remember on this day, twenty two years ago, a precious baby girl was born to me and I named her Kristin Bell. She was perfect right from the start. I remember when Dr. Cauthen layed you on my chest after you were born, you didn't even cry. You smiled the sweetest smile at me and I saw your dimples, then you started sucking your thumb. Momma said 'Hello Kristin Bell, I have waited a long time to meet you, I am your Momma and I love you'. Then the nurses took you and actually had to make you cry. I always have and always will love you with all of my heart! I miss you K-Bell!
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